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The King's Head

"Men are weak vessels, easily tempted and continually corrupted. You know this, so why would You raise any of us higher than the rest?"

30th August - 1st September at 7.30 pm.

Arden Theatre

Tickets £10.00

Written by Charlotte Groombridge

The play:

The Interregnum is a fascinating period of English history. The true king, a man considered by the people to have been appointed by God Himself, was struck down and replaced by a common man, the effects of which we still feel today. A lot of focus tends to be given to the plans and actions of Cromwell during this time, and the exiled court all but forgotten until the return of Charles II eleven years later. This is not surprising, considering the sheer buffoonery which seemed to permeate the court, stopping them from ever becoming a real threat to the new Parliamentary regime. But behind the incompetence is a story of people struggling to understand their place in the world when the foundations of power are shaken to the very core. Charles II returned not as a deity of old, but as a man who understood the role of a king had to drastically change if he wanted to keep his head. I believe this creates a perfect character study, where the fight between tradition and progress can be easily explored against a historical backdrop from which most people have only considered one side. 

The writer:

As a member of CSF, I have been here since the beginning, performing in our very first production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2015. As a writer, this is the first play I have written which has made its way to the stage. I am thrilled and honoured that CSF has given me this platform to showcase my work, as well as an incredibly talented cast to bring it to life. I hope this is the first of many plays which explore the themes of power, honour, and man’s attempt to establish his place in an ever changing world.

The venue:

Arden Theatre, Leslie Smith Drive, Faversham, ME13 7LE

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