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Richard III

"Thou cam'st on earth to make the earth my hell."

3rd, 10th, 15th, 16th & 17th of August at 7.30 pm

St Gregory's Centre for Music, CCCU

Tickets from £7.50

Directed by Elliot Huxtable

The play:

Richard might not be the King, but he damn well wants to be. After spending most of Edward IV telling us how much he hates his brothers, Richard finally achieves greatness, seizing the throne from the rest of his relations in a violent coup. But in true Shakespearean tradition, his reign of terror leads to his eventual downfall.

The director:

 Elliot is the Artistic Director of the festival, and has directed over 30 productions. 

The venue:

St Gregory's Centre for Music, North Holmes Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1QU

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