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An Interview with Caitlin Fox

Timon of Athens

Tell us a bit about yourself, what made you interested in directing?

I've had a love for acting and performing arts for as long I can remember, but during my time studying for a performing arts degree I developed a passion for directing. I spent two years as the President of the Musical Theatre Society at Canterbury Church University, during which time I realised how many people in this world have stories worth telling that are left unspoken. This lead my passion into writing a directing performances designed to give insights into the world of people from different walks of life. Creating theatre to inspire compassion for those who are in dark and seemingly inescapable situation


What inspired you to choose this play- why this one in particular?

I choose Timon of Athens because I felt like Timon had many comparisons to the situations that students may experience at university. It is an excellent play to highlight how handling money and hardship affects people in different ways. The play is perfect to transfer into a more modern setting In which these problems are still evident to the mass of students around us.


What do you think is unique about your production?

A modern twist on a lesser known Shakespeare play, drawing attention to the day to day situations students face across the country, the growing rates of mental health problems amongst them and how people react to these problems in different ways. The text is perfect to bring into a modern setting, focusing on themes of  friendship and financial adversity which are still common in today's world. The characters and their stories are easily relatable to so many students today, and will be inspired by first hand experiences of the cast and crew.


Do you have particular favourite line/scene?

My favourite moment in the play is in Act 4, Scene 3 in the origin text. In this section of the scene Timon close servant and friend finds where he has hidden and makes one last attempt to bring him home and accept help from those who still love him. These two friends have encountered the same hardships during the play, side by side but have chosen different coping methods. It's a beautiful moment which shows just how contrasting everyone's reactions are in times of hardship, and the unique ways we let it affect ourselves and the people around us.  


Why should people audition for your play/ and for CSF in general?

With a wide variety of roles which are open to interpretation, it gives people a chance to express themselves through a story that they can relate to on a personal level. Welcoming anyone from all backgrounds, it is an excellent opportunity to express how everyone's experience of uni is different but equally as important.


What can audiences expect from your production?

This telling of Timon of Athens, is a naturalistic comedic play following Tai, a high achieving popular student, and his friends as they go through their time at university. As Tai struggles with financial difficulties, this play takes a dark turn into the world of mental health and financial problems many UK students face during their studies and how we each deal with these issues in different ways.

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